Jul 4, 2011

A weekend in Bangladesh

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend with a friend and her family.  I met Sabrina when we worked at the same company. Many years ago, I ate goat meat with rice for the first time at her home.  It was wonderful. I kept eating and eating. This weekend we had a feast. We ate and slept and ate and slept some more. 

 You start off with rice and start adding the toppings
 There was shrimp with coconut milk 
Egg Curry
 Goat meat with spices 
 Roasted Chicken Curry
 Turkey Kabab
 A mixed salad with lime or sometimes with yogurt

I have begun collecting recipes and will be posting them as soon as I have tested them in my own kitchen.  If I can cook Moroccan food, then maybe I can cook dishes that come from Bangladesh too.