Mar 16, 2016

For the love of your country, Sing!

It was dark except for the light that illuminated the flag. Our flag. My flag. The flag that stands for freedom.  With hands firmly placed over their hearts, the cowboys sang. But not just any song. They sang the Star Spangled Banner. You know the words...And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. I sang, and sang loudly as tears welled up in my eyes. The music played over the loudspeakers, while three soft southern voices sang along. I stopped and tried to listen to the audience. It was silent except for the loudspeakers. It was the lack of singing that set me on edge. Did anyone in the audience except me know the words? 

I have noticed this before in other places where our national songs are performed but no one sang along. Why? The evening started off with a prayer. That's good. Where has our national pride gone to?  I love my country! I will say it again. I love my country!  So, whenever one of "our songs" are being sung, you can count on me to sing. It will be the sound of one voice singing with pride for a place that she loves.