Mar 29, 2015

Do you have a little something for me?

This cute little squirrel is at the Castle Gallery in my hometown. I was there last weekend taking pictures. The place is a large castle like home that I have admired for many years. 

He wanted something from me and was willing to wait. But I had nothing to give. This fat squirrel was searching for food and is well fed by the looks of him, and is definitely not afraid of humans. 

I have only been in the gallery one time because the art is far above my price range. The rooms are amazing and the view from the top of the house is spectacular. 

 In the summer, the vines around the doorway are plush and green,enticing onlookers to come inside.  If I had the money and a maid I would love to live in such a large house. But until then, I dream. 

Mar 22, 2015

The Majestic Tree

I was sitting at a red light yesterday and I glanced around taking in my surroundings. The red buildings to the left of me caught my eye and then I saw the tree.  It stood there alone, majestically. Just like we should in life. In a few short weeks the building will be nearly hidden behind this wonderful tree. 


As I looked at the tree, I was taken in by its strength. The firm branches reached upward with confidence. This tree may look like other ones but it has its own place in this world. We should think that way. Having the confidence in ourselves to know inside who we are and what we are capable of doing or becoming, and be brave enough to say to the masses, "I'm not just anybody." So often we settle for crumbs from those who are not worthy of us when we are really the treasure. But we have to come to that realization in ourselves first, then others will follow. Believe in you, not with arrogance or pride, but with knowing that you have value and a purpose. 

Mar 18, 2015

Stepping Stones

I have the itch to be outdoors.  More importantly, I want to create a beautiful space to relax and enjoy my garden in the backyard. Ever since I can remember I had admired mosaics. Those small scale decorative pieces of art loaded with color and texture lures me like a fish to a worm on a hook.  To look at them they are intimidating. It must take hours and hours to create such a beautiful object.  But I have come to find out that it is fairly simple and not really time consuming as one would think.  On Sunday, I designed my first stepping stone. Someone had given me a lot of glass stones and I was anxious to put them to good use.  I went to the store and bought mortar, grout, a large flat stone, and a trowel.  I was set for my project. Monday, I cemented the stones in place.  Tuesday I added the grout.  Today,I polished the stones and it is garden ready.  I think that I am going to make several of these.  It was fun coming up with a pattern. Not bad for a newby huh? 

Mar 11, 2015

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: A review

India is the land of Bollywood.  Even though The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is not listed as such, it had a dance scene that could qualify as one and the music made me want to dance. I really enjoyed this movie immensely and have the first one in my small DVD collection. Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Dev Patel, and Maggie Smith did a wonderful job this time around too. With the addition of Richard Gere to the cast, he spiced up the plot, and is always a ladies man. 

As long as one is breathing love interests never end, even at a certain age when you think that it should. Don't look at this as a geriatric film but of people wanting to start a new chapter in their lives. Who knows, maybe I will end up somewhere exotic and the air is filled with spices when I am ready for a new adventure late in life.      

Mar 8, 2015

Salomon Farm today

It wasn't until I began working at the hospital that I heard about Salomon Farm.  It is a couple of miles down the road with a walking trail.  With the promise of spring on the horizon, sunny skies and warm temperatures, I ventured out for a walk.  The farm was established in 1871, back when the north side of town was country land. Today, it is all built up with homes and businesses galore. 

During the summer there is a fresh market where vendors come weekly and sell their goods. Also, there is a walk with the MD (medical doctor) once a month.  A physician comes and gives a brief talk then the audience walks with the doctor around the farm promoting a healthy lifestyle. The natural fibers exhibit is there as well on a weekend in the summer too. From the road it is a lovely site.  

Spring is coming soon and then we will be free from the prison called home. We are on the cusp of being able to ramble through the greenery as if it were the first time we had ever seen such loveliness. 

Mar 1, 2015

Cowboys and a Tiara

I had been thinking about getting a tiara for a long time.  Every time I would go to the craft store there they would be, all lined up in the bridal area. Sparkling like the sun shines on the water. They would look lovely on little girls when I took their picture, I told myself. Trying to justify the purchase in my mind. And I really wanted one. Every once in a while the craft store would have coupons for 40% off and there was one burning a hole in my pocket. I picked up each tiara and inspected it as if it were the crown jewels. Eventually, I settled for a small one with small clear crystal flowers. At 40% off the purchase wouldn't seem so extravagant. 

I brought it home and took it out of the package. It was lovely.  I placed it on my head and felt giddy with delight. My sweatpants, tee shirt and mismatched socks were a stark contrast to my head, but I didn't care. What mattered was that I felt beautiful. I looked in the mirror and smiled. You don't look so bad, I told myself. 

The next day, I was digging around in a wooden box for a piece of clothing and found a book that I had forgotten about.  It was oversized and didn't fit on my bookshelf.  So it ended up in the box. The book is called, The Tennesseans by Barry Parker and Robin Hood (seriously). The pages are full of beautiful photographs of the state of my birth. As I leafed through the book my eyes landed on three cowboys. They were fine specimens of the male gender, with their hats sitting low on their brow and thumbs tucked securely on each side of the belt buckle which snugly fit around each man's waist. Chaps donned their thighs and a couple men held ropes. I placed the book on my coffee table and thought that if I needed cheering up I would take a look at the cowboys and dream as I passed through the room. 

A friend came over for dinner the following evening.  Forgetting that I had left the book open on the table, I opened the door to let her in. Immediately, her eyes focused on the coffee table.

"So, you have been looking at cowboys?", She asked. I was a little embarrassed that she discovered my secret. 

"Why yes I have and they are in Williamson County, Tennessee," I said. "I didn't know there were cowboys in Tennessee. Maybe we need to go on a road trip. Aren't there cowboys in England?" I asked. (She is English)  

"No, but there are farmers and they can act tough, but they don't ride horses." She said, as she made her way to the kitchen table.  I had a hard time imagining that an Englishman could act tough and decided to talk about something else. Since she had caught me in one secret I thought that I might as well tell her about my other one." I bought a tiara." I said. 

My friend burst into laughter. " Now Jeannie, this Princess Diana complex has just got to stop. Why did you buy a tiara anyway?"

"For my photography," I said. " I thought that little girls would like it." 

She gave me a don't lie to me look and asked me if that was really why I bought the tiara.  "Okay,I really wanted one. I wore it for a long time the other night and I felt beautiful while I worked at the computer, even though I was wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt." 

"Do you wear the tiara while you are naked and walking around the house?" She asked. 

"Well, yeah! Please don't tell anyone because I don't want people to think that I am weird."