Nov 26, 2015

My Heart is Something

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My gathering was small but still appreciated.  Two women, an aunt and her niece, put together a fine meal.  But more than anything else I was able to spend time with family.  For this alone, I am thankful.  

Someone posted the video below of a little girl trying to explain what was in her heart to her mother. The little girl wanted desperately for her parents to get along. When she said that she wanted things to be in the middle where her heart was I nearly burst into tears.  Take a couple of minutes and listen to an eloquent child.  

We all have a lot to learn from this beautiful little girl.
Posted by MiNDFOOD on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nov 8, 2015

Life outside of the cornfields

A friend and I decided to go on a mini holiday to Michigan and I am so glad that we did. Last Saturday was rainy, but we went on our outing anyway.  My friend said, "I am English, if you wait until the weather is fine then you would never go anywhere."  What a great attitude.  I never let weather bother me too much when I want to do something anyway. We started our journey in Holland, Michigan and made our way to "Big Red" the not so big light house. 

Then on to Douglas and saw a mini light house on the water. With two tug boats parked beside it. 

I imagined fishermen riding the waves, throwing out their nets, and eventually pulling in their catch of the day. 

The air was crisp with intense blue skies and wind that made your hair swirl, but I was not deterred by the gale. I was in another world far from the cornfields that I lived. 

Last fall, South Haven was cold and overcast by the time we reached this light house. This time the view was stunning and lots of locals came to view the glorious Lake Michigan that seemed to go on forever because we are having unseasonably warm weather at the moment. 

We saw a beach that looked so inviting and we bemoaned the fact that we didn't have time to burrow ourselves in somewhere for hours to enjoy the view. The waves crashed onto the shore like it was the ocean. Where I live there is nothing like this, which stirred up feelings of discontent.  If I lived closer, I would be here all of the time watching this view regularly. 

We climbed into the car and drove to Saugatuck one last time. Lovers sat on a bench and watched passersby while they sat close together. 

Our last stop was a water mill that had seen better days.  We saw it when we first came, hoping that we would remember the location on the way home. This time we were lucky. This rustic broken down place was still beautiful and I tried to imagine it when it was in working order.  

Then we got in the car and headed home. No more stops, no more light houses, or lakes that look like an ocean, only memories of what transpired that wonderful weekend. And remembering that ...

back home.