Jul 8, 2011

A Taste of India at Tahoora in Chicago

Ghee is used mostly in Arab and Asian cuisines. However, ghee is used in countries all over the world.  On a recent trip, I encountered a new version of ghee or I thought that I had.  While visiting a friend, she pulled out a very large container of ghee.  It was freshly made and I begged her to tell me where she got such a prize.  It was purchased at a place on West Devon Ave in Chicago called Tahoora.  This place is wonderful.  We wanted to go there for breakfast but things didn't work out like we wanted.  Instead, we came later and had chai tea.  They sell Indian sweets.  Besides that they make desi ghee. Desi means that it is of Indian origin. The only ghee I have ever been able to get was in a jar.  The color is very different than what comes in the jar, the taste is too.

Next, we ordered halwa puri, which is a typical Indian breakfast. It consists of  aloo ki bhuiya (potatoes with spices),halwa (sweetened semolina with orange or yellow food coloring), Cho lay (garbanzo beans with spices), and a yogurt sauce and all eaten with bread called puri.  Just like Morocco, no utensils needed, the bread is your fork and spoon. 

My friend Sabrina made halwa one morning for breakfast along with eggs and paratha, which is a flaky flat bread.

picture came from here.