Jun 30, 2011

Preserving the past for those who cannot say: I, too, was here

My aunt Linda and my cousin Bill sent me a bunch of old family pictures.  Since I have been working on my genealogy for nearly all of my life, I was thrilled. But what does one do with all of the old pictures besides put them in an album and hope that you can remember who they are even if you labeled it?  Over the Winter and Spring, I discovered scrap booking.  I didn't want to do just any kind of scrap booking but I wanted to beautifully tell my family's story.  My friend Tammy, who works with me, helped me to create my very first page.

I had an idea of how I wanted it to look and then we put it together.  The night before we were to get together, I bought a book of old fashioned paper and a few other supplies. I was thrilled with the final product, which is the picture above.

I look at the pictures that I have put together and try to get a feel for the person in the picture.  Then I start creating. I make my own labels and use inexpensive decorative items. A $2.00 pair of paper edger scissors and doilies do the trick.

Scrap booking can be expensive if you let or not.  I used my bonus money from work to get me started.  Now I only buy things that are on sale or I use a coupon.  Try to use non-conventional items in your book. Be creative.

The ribbon on this page came from my neighbor.  I made the tags and the butterflies were about $2.00 on sale.  The memories are ...priceless.