Jul 29, 2015

Wolfpack: A Review

They were secluded in a six room apartment for as long as they could remember.  No one was allowed to go out until one day one of the children bravely turned the knob on the door to enter freedom.  Last night I saw the documentary "Wolfpack." I came away speechless.  I kept trying to imagine how I would be if I were shut up in an apartment for the majority of my life with no way out.

Picture by Larry Busacca\Getty
The Angulo family lived in a housing apartment building in New York City. They were poor. They survived on Welfare and the little bit of money the mother made homeschooling the children. A controlling father kept his family at bay with strict rules and kept the only key to get out. The children's only salvation was their imagination, which I found compelling. Below is an episode from 20\20 reviewing the movie and most of all their lives after the documentary.

Jul 24, 2015

The signs that summer is soon coming to a close.

This evening, I went for a walk, it was a very long one.  There are lots of flowers everywhere.  While strolling along, I listened to the sounds of nature with each step that I took. The Cicada's are already singing their song that winter is coming soon.  I dread to hear that same melody which is sung every summer, even though it sounds lovely as I pass by.  

Insects and bugs are out in abundance, especially the mosquito's because of the excessive amount of rain we've had. My steps took me to the park and as I strolled through the gardens I saw the flowers above with metallic like bugs sitting two by two on the head of a flower.  I am not sure if they were mating or exactly why they decided to pair up in this way. The flower has seen better days, but I am sure that its job is complete before the season is over. 

I noticed a modestly covered angel that was bathed in the sun's golden light and surrounded by hostas. I tried to stay in the moment as I looked at it.  Isn't that what we are told to do?  But is is hard.  My mind focused on the future.  I have noticed that the nights are getting shorter.  Winter is coming soon, I said to myself. Enjoy this while you can. At that moment, I wanted time to stand still.  I wanted every day to be just like today, where the air is cool, with lush green grass everywhere, and the outdoors is an overall place of enjoyment. Life is but a dream...

Jul 21, 2015

Stuff and the art of breaking in a new computer.

Things have been hectic for a few weeks here and I haven't been able to post anything with a picture.  I have been working 10 hours a week overtime since last August and we have finally been released to work normal hours.  Not sure for how long though.  This is the second week of working 8-4:30 and loving it. It is nice to be able to come home and cook a meal, to go visit a friend, or read.  I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have read a book. You know those rectangular things that have binders with pages in between where words are written on each page. Books are my weakness and I have plenty to devour. 

I went out of town for a day trip a few weeks ago. While I was gone a storm came through and knocked out the electricity and my computer was damaged as well.  I didn't attempt to turn on the computer until a few days after the storm, and when I needed to use it, nothing happened.  My heart sank.  I had four orders for customers to be processed.  The thought of having to re-shoot was heart wrenching. Smart people would have saved their images on a couple of devices so that they would be somewhere safe if something happened. I didn't qualify for the genius meter on this occasion.  But I was lucky.  The power plug was damaged and all of my pictures were saved. However, my computer was 10 years old and had Windows XP on it which will no longer get updates. I have been told several times by technicians to get a new computer.  The amount of money that I have put into it would have bought a new one.  The thing is, the new one will not work like the old one and I have to re-learn some programs that I already knew how to use but the newer versions would be different. It took me two days to figure out how to burn a CD. Trust me I am a pretty smart cookie, but didn't feel like it for a few days. 

So, remember when things happen it is not the end of the world but an opportunity to dance.