Jul 14, 2011

Art of a Temporary Kind

This week in Fort Wayne is the 3 Rivers Festival.  We start off with a parade and end with fireworks.  Then there is the food.  Oh my!  Over time the festival dwindled down to nearly nothing.  However, this year the vendors selling their wares came and then there were the artists. The sun is blaring and the artists are on the pavement trying to put the pictures in their minds on the ground.  I had artist envy as I walked the street looking at all of the pictures.  Stick people are a challenge for me. 

Green Eyes

This reminds me of a mural that is on the wall of the Hyde Brothers Bookstore

Great detail of the face

Escaping hell.  At first, I didn't want a picture of this.  As I studied the picture more I decided that it was worth capturing.  We are all escaping a "hell" of some sort.


An artist at work

One eyed one horned flying purple (green) people eater

More parrots

Another artist at work

Spanish Beauty, this is my favorite

Even though the artist had pink hair this was not a self portrait.

Amazing color and detail

Three boys at the park

It is a shame that once it rains all of this hardwork and visonary art will go down the drain.