Oct 27, 2014

Reflections in Water

This is a reflection of a tree in the river. Not long ago a photographer recommended taking pictures of puddles of water.  Strangely, I hadn't thought of doing that. Sometimes the images are just beautiful. 

Oct 25, 2014

Batch Blues Photography

I have finally done it. The Facebook page for Batch Blues Photography is up and running finally.  Things will be slow until the beginning of the year with me because I am working 50 hours a week and still try to maintain some kind of normalcy to my life.  Most days I come home and get ready for bed only to repeat the same thing again the next day.

As for cooking, well, I do most of that on the weekends along with all the other things that I enjoy the most.  I still want to post recipes as well as stories. Those times I spent in the kitchen cooking tagines and couscous were the best that I have ever experienced. It is thrilling to try new recipes along with spices that I never knew existed. I grew to love Moroccan cuisine, maybe even more so than American food.

When I started my other blog, Until Morocco, that is when the photography bug bit me. Ever since then I was hooked.  I lived and breathed photography. I have taken a few classes and a zillion pictures in the interim. There is so much to learn and so many ways to make photographic art. Wish me luck in this new phase of my life.  Trust me, I am very excited about it.  

This picture was taken in Roann, Indiana a couple of weeks ago.  I like the country feel when I travel outside of town and breathe in the fresh air. This is living at its best, quiet and simple, away from the noise of the city. What is of most interest is the old buildings, especially the barns.

When I was a child we would take our annual trip to the land of my father, Tennessee.  I love the rusty tin roofs on the run down log cabins and the old red barns with See Rock City written on the side or the roof. Those things remind me of my birthplace (Tennessee) which make my heart fill up with warm memories. So, forgive me if I become a little barn happy with my postings. I'm just thinking about Tennessee.    

Oct 21, 2014

View from the Bridge

I was meandering across the covered bridge at Spencerville and this was my view from the window.  Lovely huh?  This time of year is wonderful for me. The cool air and bright colors makes me feel grateful to be able to behold such natural beauty.  Are you enjoying your Autumn? 

Oct 20, 2014

Spreading your Branches

The fall has come into its full color and I love it.  Yesterday, I went to Spencerville to photograph the scenery, especially the covered bridge and had a wonderful time looking around.  

This past week, I decided to finally name my photography business Batch Blues Photography. The problem I had was naming the business. Every name I thought of was already taken. One day at work I was entering information into the computer from some correspondence that we received and looked at the page and there it was, my epiphany, written in black and white. I studied the two words for a few minutes, Batch:Blues. I rolled it over and over in my mind, then I wrote the two words down. Immediately, I knew that was the name for my business. The process has been slow but I will be adding a Facebook page shortly. 

Lately all that I think about is getting the next shot and want to start sharing with you my pictures.  I still want to share recipes and stories as well, but really focus on my passion of photography. 

Sometimes we have to spread our branches and show the world our true colors.  

Oct 3, 2014

Traveller's between the eternities

This has been a hard week for me.  One of my cousins, who is just two years older than myself, passed away suddenly over the weekend.  The day after she was buried, my neighbor and friend met her Maker after a long struggle with an illness.  Whether it is expected or not, death is hard to deal with, at least, it is for me. The void the departed person leaves is impossible to fill. Death is final. Like the resounding pound of the gavel heard from the judges bench, we are sentenced to life, the remainder of it, apart. And yet, we must move on. I cried. Then selfishly I thought about my own demise.  

When you are past 50, the years behind you seem like a breath and the years ahead are as the wind. Before you know it they will be blowing upon you. Then, we, too, will drift into the one of the eternities.