Jul 16, 2016

Train, tractors, and enjoying nature

I like rust. Isn't that an odd thing to say? I am attracted to old things from yesteryear, except old men. I do have my limits. 

The other day I was driving out into the country for a photo shoot.  It is mid July and the height of the summer season. Everything is blooming and we are surrounded by green. I love it!  It is amazing how peaceful it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Where quiet can be achieved without ear plugs. 

As I was driving along I would try to look at everything that came across my path to see if maybe I would like to try and find it again on my return trip home. Then I spotted a train, but not only a train a tractor was there too. 

The train and tractor were just off the highway. I turned into the small drive and parked the car.  Everything seemed to be strategically placed, but with the look of abandonment.   

The train car was packed with things but I didn't dare go up and try to look inside.  Who knows who or what would be lurking behind the windows. 

I stood there for a while and just looked at the train and tried to imagine the life it had. Where had it been and what were the people like who inhabited it while going on a journey.  I had only been on a train twice in my life so far. 

The first train ride was in Chattanooga, Tennessee when I lived there.  The train took the riders on a small tour of the city. I sat in the "colored" car, which was very nice, but it may not have been when those words were painted just above the seat. The wheels squeaked and the cars jerked as we rolled along the track.  The second ride was in Morocco.  We traveled to Tangier, my favorite city in the country. The train was packed with people and we were given sweet treats to eat by a fellow passenger.  Oh the journey's we take and the memories we have of them. 

Jul 7, 2016

Girl Gone

I haven't really disappeared but it seems like it.  The summer has been busy with photographing a wedding, part two is this Saturday. And the pressure of trying to get enough models to pose for my photography class assignments that is coming up in a few weeks has been stressful, besides working my full time job that I about worn out. I am no quitter. Trust me, I have thought about it a time or two though.  So, tonight I went out to photograph flowers.  I wish that I could say that they were all brilliant but that would be lying.  The cone flower is the best one out of the bunch and the last one that I took.  

The thing about being a photographer is that I see wonderful pictures of things as I drive by and sadly my camera is not always with me.  The other day, I saw two monks chatting while sitting in front of a church.  I looked over and thought what a great picture it was. I could have run home and got the camera but the moment was lost.  That is exactly what photography is. Capturing moments.  

Please bear with me while I work on some fine art photography over the next few weeks and will be posting more regular then.