Jul 20, 2011

Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the Qur'an in his personal library?  Impressive huh?  Jefferson read and collected a great number of books from his youth.  His collection totalled about 6500 books by the time he sold all of them to the Library of Congress.  The subjects ranged from philosophy to cooking. 

Jefferson bought his Qur'an around 1765, when he was still a student of law at the college of William & Mary in Virginia.   

Did you know that Morocco was the first country that Jefferson negotiated with which was a foreign power?

Almighty God hath created the
mind free all attempts to influence
it by temporal punishments or
burthens---are a departure from
the plan of the Holy Author of
our religion---no man shall be
compelled to frequent or support
any religious worship or ministry
or shall otherwise suffer on
account of his religious opinions
or belief, but all men shall be
free to profess and by argument
to maintain, their opinions in
matters of religion.  I know
but one code of morality for
men whether acting singly or

Thomas Jefferson 1777