Jun 28, 2011

Until Death or Citizenship, Whichever Comes First

How does one know that they are being taken advantage of in an internet love\romance situation?  You ask all of the right questions and believe in your heart that someone is honest.  Thinking that the other person has integrity like you do. You open up your heart and allow someone from across the ocean to come into your life.  Often they come to the one (you)  who has the most to offer, such as: home, car, job, etc..But what are the warning signs?  My brother and I have a question that we ask each other whenever something arises that is questionable. What color is your red flag?  Sometimes we ignore the warnings. 

1.  If he\she declares love\devotion within the first few weeks after meeting on line. Remember these people are desperate and will do anything to make a better life for themselves.  Just think of them as prostitutes because they are selling themselves for a green card or citizenship.

2.  They want to you come to their country to meet them right away. They will say it is impossible for them to get out of their country.  It is said in a way that makes it seem like they are being held prisoner there.

3.  Is there a big age difference? Muslims marry their own kind usually and a prospective bride must be from that country, Muslim and must be able to have children. You are an infidel - a dog - for them so you are so disposable and you don't know this till it happens.  Having a child is of utmost importance for a Muslim.  The man will divorce his wife if she cannot conceive.  

4.  They insist on getting married right away, even when your meeting them for the first time.

5.   They don't want to help you learn their language.  The less you know the better for them to accomplish their plan.

6.  Upon arriving in the spouse's country, they tell no one they are married at work or school or wherever. You are not invited to the company party. You are not on their Face book page or any other like website. You don't exist.

7.  He/she will be good to you until it is time for them to leave the marriage. I.E. green card or citizenship has been obtained.  Immigration always asks if it was a good marriage.  The scammer has been given advice from others as to what to do and how to get away with the fraud. The victim never thinks that it will happen to them.

My advice, and I am talking to myself, keep your eyes at home.

Please watch the video below.  I wanted to watch the entire show but it is not available in the U.S. yet. 

My divorce is final today.