Jun 15, 2011

Still More on the Campbells

Did you ever wonder why you looked the way you do?  Why is my temperment so bad?  Where did my big ears come from?  I enjoy looking at old pictures and try to imagine myself living during that time period.  We all come from somewhere. 


These two are my relatives as well.  They hail from clan Campbell, but I just don't know who they are.  The man is very handsome but the woman, well, lets just say she could use a bit of help.

The man looks like my great grandfather Elbert with his children.

Yet another picture that is a mystery to me.  Do you see the boy in the back standing in the middle? I have a picture of him as a man.

What is it with the big ears?  Is the above man the same as the one below?

The young wife is so lovely