Jun 5, 2011

To Alpaca or Not to Alpaca

It seems that raising alpacas can be a very lucrative business.  They are raised for the meat and their fiber.  One of my co-workers has friends who raise them for a living.  They have just begun this adventure.  Alpaca fiber is used for making knitted and woven items. One of the local farms here in town had a natural fibers day and demonstrated using the spinning wheel and ladies who made yarn with their natural fibers from plants and animals.

This almost looks like hair for a wig

This is what the fiber looks like
 after it has been washed
 and is ready to be sold.
It reminds me of wool but softer.

The fiber is spun like cotton or wool.

Then the yarn is dyed the most lovely colors

And sold for an astronomical price ($15.00 a skein)

However, the touch was very soft, unlike wool.
 Did I buy any of this you make ask?  Oh no, I enjoyed looking. I haven't the patience for knitting or crocheting.