Dec 13, 2012

The Alluring Sitar..the Sound of India

The sound of the sitar is like a sari, fine, silken, swirling, and exotic, it can break your heart with its beauty.  I am so grateful that my musical world has opened up to include those far off exotic places such as India and the Middleast.  I love the beat of the drums and the intoxicating sound of the sitar, loude, horn and other instruments.  Ravi Shankar was the guru of the sitar.  Unfortunately, I had never heard of him until yesterday while listening to NPR. Sadly he passed away on the 11th.

While growing up I was never exposed to music outside of my own culture and country.  Now I am venturing outside of my borders. Shankar said that his music is like worshipping God. It is absolutely like prayer. I can believe that. The music is calming, beautiful, and somehow touches the soul.  I imagine myself dressed in traditional clothing while dancing rhythmically to the beat, losing myself in the music.  The video below is of Ravi with his daughter Anoushka. 

The second video is of Anoushka with a traditional dancer, which is very lovely to watch.