Dec 31, 2012


Painting by Ron Monsma
This past year has been a year of rebuilding for me.  After my divorce, I felt like my whole world was falling down around me, not only figuratively but literally as well.  But with much hard work ( and lots of overtime) and unrelenting support from family, friends, and a counselor, I am nearly back to normal.  I have made great strides with the house too.  There were many days that I would look around me and say, "this is not how I imagined my life."  I had dreams. I had plans.  Both were dashed into pieces.  But this doesn't mean that I can't have new dreams or a new life altogether. The dark cloud has lifted and sunshine is able to beam down its warm rays into my soul. The time for weeping has past. I am no longer feeling sad.  Joy has taken up residence and I am happy once again. For all of this I am thankful. For the next coming year I will make a promise to myself.  I promise that I will live my life fully and without reserve, just as I had loved.  I cannot change what happened, even though I wish that I could.  However, I can change my future and mostly how I look at it.  Today, I see hope.