Dec 11, 2012

Richard Heisler: 100 Views of Tokyo

 I looked at the picture, I thought that it was a photograph.

but, upon further examination
Shinjuku Sunset II
I was totally wrong
Ochanomizu by Richard Heisler
This could be Chicago or any large city 

or bowls in a restaurant.

The artist is Richard Heisler.  He was born in New Jersey in 1973 and currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  A young and upcoming artist. His first exhibit was in 2001 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  When Richard first began his career, he painted a lot of the countryside and the Amish but has since turned his focus on Japan in a new project called "100 Views of Tokyo".  He has a meticulous eye for detail. It amazes me that someone can look at a scene and then capture it by painting or drawing it.  I am speechless about the detail of all of the pictures.  I saw a few of his paintings here at the museum and thought that I would check out more of his work.  I like what I see.  Would you display this kind of art in your home?