Dec 27, 2012

A Tale of a Brother Defending his Sister's Honor American Style

Every time my brother, sister and I get together we talk about the past.  We bring up things that have been long forgotten by at least one of us.  Then the memory comes back in full force. Sometimes those memories make us laugh or cry, but then there are those stories that we just feel honored to have such a person in our life. Here is one of those stories.

When I was about 16 to 18 there was a boy name Bubby that wanted me.  I was a naive, church going teenager. I never drank or did drugs. On day I was taking a bath and my brother and Bubby came into the house. I was stranded in the bathroom, which adjoined the kitchen. They were in the kitchen and I was not about to parade myself in front of them. I heard Bubby say that he was going to come into the bathroom while I was still in the tub. Slowly he turned the knob on the door. The thought of him coming into the bathroom caused me to panic. I heard my brother tell him not to do it. From then on I didn't like the boy. Anyone who would violate me would never be considered entering into my life. Eventually, they all left. Then one day the boy made a derogatory comment about me. My brother caught wind of it. I have no idea what was said but my brother saw red and was determined to defend my honor. Bubby and two of his friends painted an obscene remark on our garage also. This all happened within a 24 hour period. Rejection obviously didn't set well with him. My brother drove to the boy's apartment, but he wasn't there. While at the apartment my brother took advantage of the situation and broke a few things, though he later went to court for the damage.  Eventually, the two met by chance at a gas station. My brother beat the crap out of Bubby and the two boys that were with him too.  Knowing Kung Fu helped a lot that day.  A day that I will never forget. It was a day that I was honored.

I know another boy that I would like for him to beat the crap out of too!