Dec 2, 2012

Holiday House Hopping and Big House Envy

Yesterday a neighbor and I went on the annual Holiday Home Tour in a neighborhood close to where we live. I live in the older part of town.  Around me are very large and old homes.  Have you ever driven by a house and wondered what it looked like on the inside?  Oh I have.  So, early in the evening we set out on the tour.  We climbed stairs and took elevators to reach our intended destination. Overall, we had a wonderful time. At first, I had a small case of big house envy. You know what I mean if you live in a small house with less than 1000 square feet. I dreamed of large kitchens and master bedrooms. Once I came back to earth, I started thinking of all of the changes that I could make to my small cottage.  Most of all, it gave me ideas for my house.  I have a plan in mind, you see. All I need is a few connections and I will be well on my way. 

This door is marvelous and caught my eye right away. It is so grand and elegant. 

We saw a closet for the king and queen

An elegant dining room...

with a dinner service fit for royalty.

Bathe or shower in romance.

Belt out a song or two if you like.

Stained glass adorned many a window...

and fireplaces galore

 The simplest of items made beautiful with lights.

Isn't that what home is all about?  Creating a home so that who we are is visible to those around us. Your house doesn't have to be big to be grand.  It is really the owner that makes it so. Imagine. Believe. Create.