Sep 13, 2012

Ron Monsma and appreciating art

When I was in my 30's, I loved someone who was and is still an artist.  I would watch him as his hand would glide over the paper making marks here and there.  Eventually those marks became beautiful images.  He would use charcoal, pen, and color pencils. From then on, I always appreciated art in its various forms, especially drawings and paintings.  When a friend of mine's husband passed away, she brought the picture that he drew for her to the funeral.  I didn't remember the drawing because he did so many, but I could see his style in the drawing. 
Vessel by Ron Monsma

This brings me to Ron Monsma.  I just discovered him a week or so ago. He has been teaching drawing and painting at Indiana University at South Bend since 1997. His work has been on display in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. He has won awards and been featured in Magazines and books.

The above painting is almost too private to look at.  It is a woman and a quiet moment with her Maker.  I want to look away because I feel like I am intruding.  Yet I keep looking.

Dancer with a cat by Ron Monsma
I would like to sit and experience the peace and tranquility that the dancer and her cat are enjoying.  I think that we live a much to busy life.  We should stop and enjoy the view.  There is so much beauty around us.  Think about the color purple and how beautiful the color is in the picture. Imagine that you are there. If I listen very carefully, I can almost hear the waves.

Still life with a nest and bricks by Ron Monsma
What I like so much about his work is that not one color overpowers another.  Each color is subtle and soft with fine detail given to each object in the painting.  

If you would like to see more of his work click here.