Sep 3, 2012

Irritation with the saying: I don't care

Our language is full of phrases.  Some funny and some are, well,irritating. Is there a saying that we have which really irritates you? While spending the weekend with a friend and her family, she told me that the phrase, "I don't care" really irritates her. I said it to her after she asked me where I would like to eat. It irritated her so much that she wrote a paper on it while in college. Wow! The saying is elusive. It is like saying, you make the decision, I don't want to get involved.  According to the term for this irritation is logomisia (from the Greek for "word hatred") refers to a strong dislike for a word or phrase based on its sound, meaning, usage, or associations. Oh hello.  I think that "hit the nail on the head".  I guess saying "hit the nail on the head" can be irritating too.  So much of our common expressions are cliche`s. Is there a way to express myself without such phrases? I am trying but not succeeding very well.