Sep 11, 2012

Finding my roots and joining the DAR...eventually

This past Thursday, I met with a lady from DAR.  DAR is Daughters of the American Revolution.  It is a non profit women's organization for the descendants who aided in America's fight for independence.  I have traced back my Campbell line to the Revolutionary War.  My mother would be so proud to know that this has been accomplished if she were still here since the Campbells are from her side of the family. 

Archibald Campbell, who is the end of my search at present,  was born 1728 in Bedford, Virginia.  I have all the documents needed to apply except for one.  Isn't that always the case? This one document needed will have to enlist help from those who live in Walker County, Georgia.  The Campbells migrated from Virginia to Tennessee and then eventually to Walker County, Georgia.  The link I am missing is of James Elbert Campbell to William Seilsbury Campbell.  James died in the Civil War in 1863.  His Children went to live with their grandparents William Seilsbury Campbell and Delphia Jane Massey.  The census records are there but I need a Will or adoption records.  I sure hope that I can find something.  I would like to join around the first of the year.  Wish me luck and a prayer wouldn't hurt either.