Sep 5, 2012

Ernest Viveiros: A Dynamic Artist

I had a hankering to go to the museum.  It has been a little while since I have been there.  The museum here in my hometown is not very big, but they do have some beautiful artwork that passes through here.  I happened upon a painting called Spiked Dahlia by Ernest Viveiros. He is a fine arts professor, teaches anatomy and structure, painting, and figure drawing. His work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions including exhibitions at the Butler Institute of American Art and the Chicago International Art Expo. He received a BFA from Southwestern Massachusetts University and an MFA from Southern Illinois University, where he taught drawing and design.

He is from Ohio, which is right next door to my state.  As I passed by or tried to pass by this wonderful painting, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.  I quickly grabbed a pen and paper from my bag and wrote down who this artist is so that I can come home and find more of his work on the web.  The picture just doesn't do his work justice.  The colors are so intense, the detail of the flowers are impeccable, and the image is very sharp.  I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked at it. I walked around the corner and looked at other paintings, which really paled in comparison to his work. I peeped my head in the room again for one last look and imagined it on my wall at home. Oh how lovely it would look above the fireplace. 

 While searching on the web, I found this picture of Red and White Roses. I love to take photographs of flowers whenever I am out. Although,I have never seen any roses as beautiful as these.

This painting is called Purple and White Irises. The Iris is a very delicate flower with striking purple and orange hues.  If Ernest would ever want to donate to the poor, I could give him my address.  Ohio is not that far from me.  I would even drive there. Hint. Hint.