Feb 21, 2013

Old Pictures, Scrapbooking, and Memories

Like many people, as I glanced through my photograph albums, I realized that not many pictures have dates on the back. Sometimes, I cannot remember the person in the picture. I have even brought a picture or two to a relative hoping to find out the name, alas, sometimes with no luck. What a mess! Some people have presence of mind to label as they go when new photographs are added to their collection, but, sadly that is not the case for most of us, especially me. In my mind, I thought that I would always remember the name of the person in the picture. Sadly, the mind files those names with other unnecessary things that are not needed so often. 

So, it is my goal to begin scrap booking all of my family pictures.  I started last year and have done a couple of books so far.  But the process has been slow due to working overtime and odd hours that even prevented me from cooking a decent meal. In the end, I think that it will be worth all of the effort. 

I am not just labelling the pictures, but putting stories or small blurbs with them as well. It is more interesting with a history behind the picture.  Some people say that scrap booking is expensive.  It can be if you let it.  When I started I had just gotten a bonus of $150.00.  But you can start with $10 or $20 and build from there. I saw a scrap book that all the pages were white with lots of pictures and detail about the people in the pictures. The book was very lovely.  Cost should never be a deterrent for writing your history.  You're family is worth writing about.