Feb 12, 2013

Anisette Josephine Verte Liqueur Exquise

I have had this old bottle of liqueur for a long time. My father gave it to me a few years before he passed away in 1984.  I've not dared to open it because it might have some worth to it.   Once, I went to a liqueur store and they wrote down all of the information that was on the label and assured me that I would get a response from them.  Nothing ever happened. I used to keep it standing up and then found out that that was the wrong thing to do. I am not a drinker and didn't know the rules about storing alcohol.  Now there are small bits of cork on the bottom.

The label looks oh so ancient. I reminds me of old sheet music that I have from the early 1900's.  Does anyone know who I would take it to in order to find out more about this Liqueur from Bordeaux, France?