Apr 13, 2012

Writing from your Soul to God

I have been an avid journal writer for many years. It all began when a relationship ended. Once I was healed from the experience, I kept writing. The thing is that I never wrote a letter to God in all of this writing. Maybe it is time I take my writing to a more spiritual level. I have prayed and things happened.  I have written down goals and achieved them. Maybe it is the power of suggestion or maybe it is something more. I feel that there is something out there that helps everyday people like you and me when we ask.

I came across a book called, "Writing down your soul", by Janet Conner while looking for a book to help me write stories from my childhood. The beginning pages talked of forgiveness. Oh this book is talking to me already. The more I read, the more I realized that I could be doing more with the spiritual side of myself. I could, also, be talking to my Maker and working out problems as they come along through writing. The author suggests that you write at the same time everyday for a few minutes to make it a habit.  I have not begun my journey yet, but I intend to once I had read the book. How do you cope with life's problems?  Do you write too?