Apr 22, 2012

Pakistan: Their Living Corpses

Yet again, another acid attack upon a woman is in the news.  Again?! Why does this kind of abuse continue to plague the women in the east?  Shama, is the latest victim of an acid attack in Pakistan.  Her husband threw acid in her face as she slept. Then he ran away. The man took her phone so that she could not call for help.  He complained that Shama took too much pride in her beauty.  A mother of four, Shama now feels that her life is over.  My question is where is the love for the wife? She bore this man four beautiful children, all of whom he should be very proud. 

The wife, who is the foundation of the home, has been shattered into tiny pieces.  Where is the value of women?  Many times the woman is forced to return to her husband or her in-laws home after the attack.  What kind of life will she live afterwards?  No wonder so many take their own lives.  They feel there is no reason to live.  Did you know that 90% of abuse to women is not reported because the woman is totally dependent upon the husband for survival. There are at least 1-2 reports of acid attacks every week in Pakistan.  But let's not stop here.  Afghanistan has reported cases of acid attacks on women too.  A school for girls was attacked by the Taliban in 2008 and at least 15 girls and teachers were sprayed.  The reason, you might ask?  Educating women. Constantly hearing about beatings, murders, rapes, etc..., makes me wonder about goodness and mankind.  There is a religious saying," that we are to love our neighbor like ourselves."  What about loving those to whom we are closest? A wife, mother, sister, or daughter is closer than a neighbor.