Apr 11, 2012

The Human Experience: You're Included

Four friends, each with their own story to tell. Two come from a home where their father was abusive in many ways. Another, lost his mother when he was only nine. All looking for love.  Each life is a treasure. When we have love and support of family and friends we are more likely to live a life more fully.  But what about those who don't? We live in a society that is "thing" oriented instead of the greatest gift of FAMILY. Nothing can replace the love of your family, especially the love of a father or mother as the young men in the filmed experienced. Four young men go on a journey. They are in search of the human experience.  Even though bad things may happen in our lives, life is still good.  We have that drive to get up every day in spite of things. They start off living on the streets of New York, City.  It was the coldest part of the winter. Brother's Clifford and Jeffrey slept in cardboard boxes along side many of the homeless people of the city. A woman they met while on this journey shared a story about her experience when she was first homeless.  Four dogs were living on the streets the same as she was.  People saw the dogs and felt compassion for them but there she stood, no one noticing her need.  A tear trickled down her cheek as she again felt the emotions of that experience. Each of us asks, Does my life matter?  What is my purpose? Is my life unique? People become depressed when they no longer see their life as significant. 

The four young men also went to see the lost children of Peru and a leper colony in Ghana. As I watched this documentary, I again felt the feelings that I had when my husband left.  I felt as though my life had no purpose.  Who am I going to take care of, I asked myself? Healing comes with time and willingness to forgive. When Jeffrey and Clifford met up with their father after his 10 year absence, Jeffrey spoke of forgiveness before it was asked for. The key to living a successful life is through forgiveness, which enables us to move on.  This is a very moving documentary and I would suggest anyone to watch it.  It will touch your heart.