Sep 28, 2011

Michele Wood: Looking Through the Eyes of an Artist

I never really appreciated drawings and paintings until I dated someone years ago who possessed this talent.  It amazed me how someone could look at something and then capture the image on paper or canvas.  I watched as his eyes would glance at the object and then his hand would glide over the paper leaving a line.  Then all of the lines became an image. Today, some of his drawings are displayed in the local museum here in Fort Wayne.   I am very proud of him. 

This leads me to Michele Wood. Ms. Wood is a painter, media artist, and printmaker whose work has gained wide recognition in the United States, Canada, and Nigeria.  She has been involved in several books, Going Back Home, I See the Rhythm, Just Like Me, and I see the Rhythm of Gospel

Just Like Me, A self Portrait

Traditional Fish

I See the Rhythm of our Hope

The See Rhythm of Africa

Civil Rights Movement and Gospel

I see the Rhythm of the Good News

I like her style. She uses a lot of images inside of the overall picture.  Brilliant!  Ms. Wood will be here in Fort Wayne on Oct. 22nd at the Allen County Library and also at the Grand Wayne Center as part of the National Black Genealogy Summit.