Oct 4, 2015

School Again and Busyness

A few years ago, I bought a lovely picture of sunflowers by a local photographer Camille Cruz. The picture was on display at the main library. When I saw it I wanted to replace the picture that I had hanging above my fireplace.  The rich yellows and deep orange went well with my living room. 

But it was something more that she shared with me that has stuck with me all of this time. She told me that she took professional photography classes at the local college.  Camille felt that these classes contributed to her understanding of photography and helped to establish her footing in a very competitive market. As you know, there is always room for improvement in anything that one may want to venture into, even if it is for part-time work.  Besides, who knows what the future may hold. We have pictures of what we want for ourselves in our minds and sometimes it is not what we are doing currently or we want a little extra income. 

Last October, I decided to put myself out there in the world and offer my services to whoever would want their portraits taken.  I enjoy bringing beauty into the lives of my clients. However, I get into situations with light that I somehow wish were ideal instead of trying to figure out how change the settings on the camera to meet my needs. So, I struggled. There were times that the exposure would be too dark, too light, grainy, and so forth. I spent a lot of time watching Youtube videos but I still lacked the knowledge that was needed to exceed.  

Class assignment picture

We have been working overtime with my job for months and I now have the funds to take the classes.  A few weeks ago, I began my first class.  There are nineteen people who started the same time as myself and should finish with me. I don't know their stories yet but should by October next year.  We all have reasons for wanting to continue or begin education in a specific field.

Class assignment picture

My only concern is time, which I have little of. I still want to do things that I enjoy. I would like to take a weekend and go on an adventure without worrying about homework, housework, or gardening.  Somehow, I believe that it will all balance out.  At least, that is what I am hoping will happen.