Sep 18, 2015

What it is to be Human

"You can't buy life." He said.  That tiny sentence touched me.  We spend our lives working, sleeping, eating, loving, etc... I just watched a  program Called Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. He spent three years travelling the world collecting personal stories from over 2000 people and compiled a 3-part documentary on being human.  Each of us has a battle. Most of the time we think that we are in it alone, but we are not.  It is beautifully done and for me it was emotional to watch. I cried as I listened to the stories of poverty, hardship, wanting love, and never knowing it. I thought about my struggles and realize that mine pale in comparison to those that told their story.  Part 2 & 3 are on Youtube. 

"Life is like carrying a message from the child you were
 to the old man that you will be."