Oct 29, 2015

Michigan City for a few hours

I needed to make some artistic pictures for class. (My teacher says that we make pictures not take them.) My final was on Tuesday and I needed five pictures. The weekends are all the free time that I have. So, I decided to take a little trip by myself to Michigan City.  I had only been there one other time and it was last year during the same season. The temperature was in the low 70's but rain was predicted by the weatherman. I decided to go anyway. I needed to be alone and think.   

I listened to Moroccan music as my little Fiat bug took me down the highway. It rained heavily a few times and I nearly turned my car around. But I was persistent and am glad that I didn't give in to the weather.  It was overcast when I arrived but no rain in sight.  The wind was blowing hard and after a short while my ears started to get cold; I turned up the collar on my jacket and enjoyed the sunlight that burst through the clouds for a short time. 

The view of Lake Michigan is like looking at the ocean for me. Where I live in Indiana is called the flat lands and it is heavily laden with cornfields. One needs a change of scenery when things seem a little monotonous, especially me. 

An hour later the sun came out and I was thrilled to see the beach as it really is. The intense blue sky and the water seemed to go on forever was thrilling to behold. There were men in the water wind surfing. Sometimes they would jump up with the waves while holding onto their sails.  

This day was the last burst of warmth before the dreadful winter comes and we are forced to stay inside longing to be set free again in the spring.  I have had a wonderful summer for the first time in many years and was busy enjoying new places and experiences.  I am hoping that my borders will expand even further and travel far from home.