Oct 17, 2015

Huntington's Sunken Gardens

I had never heard of sunken gardens before but I was impressed when I visited. These gardens were constructed between 1923-1928 on the remnants of an old stone quarry in Huntington, Indiana  

A lot of people bring a picnic lunch with their family and relax while enjoying the scenery. 

The old stairway is made of stone and mortar but is considered unsafe to use now and is blocked off.  A wooden staircase is in use located on the opposite side of the gardens.

Weddings are performed here too as well as other large gatherings . This would be a great place to perform plays, listen to a band, or sit and relax.  

The garden changes with the seasons. I was told that at Christmas time it is decorated with lights. I am going back for another visit very soon. 

 If you want to visit it is located at 1125 West Park Drive, Huntington, IN.