Aug 15, 2013

Waking around Salomon Farm

The other day a group of people met at this barn for a talk on health and then we took a long walk around the farm. Luckily, I had brought my camera along and took some really lovely shots.  I photo-shopped the above picture and converted it into a sketch.  I am really pleased with the results.

The farm is not far from where I work and located off of a busy road.  You would think that it  I was way out in the country some where, but it wasn't.  

Flowers in the middle of a field

As I was coming to the end of the walk, I photographed this picturesque view of the barn from the road.

A country garden 

There were sunflowers basking in the sun

 Cleome's  filling the garden with their bright purple blooms

And the windmill lite up the summer sky.  I enjoyed my time there walking and photographing.  Sometimes, I wish that everyday could be filled with this much beauty.