Aug 29, 2013

Putting your life off until your deathbed

Did you know that I wanted to be a singer?  Yes, I did, and in the worst way.  I would keep my family up at night singing in my bed or waking early only to sing some more. My sister howled like a dog once while I was belting out a song. She thought she was being funny. I cried. I never thought that I was good enough to perform in front of an audience. I sang at church in the choir, but I've only sang solo twice. I remember one time when I was at choir practice and I was singing my little heart out, one of the guys walked past me. He heard me and asked who was singing.  I stood there in silence. That could have been my chance to exhibit my talent, yet, I cowered away from being noticed. What a shame!


I think that a lot of us never put our best foot forward when it comes to our lives. There is always a force pulling us back.  Especially when it comes to our "artistic" side.  Let's say that you are working with the poor people of Haiti (you are doing great work there) and then you have the not so brilliant idea of starting a new "career" in telemarketing. The universe will not try to pull you back from that decision. It is only when we are trying to use our God given talents that we have the most resistance.  It is like a sign that has been put out on the street to alert the negative patrol saying, "Come on boys, another one is trying to break free."

There are so many things that are left half finished in life.  We are excited when we start a new venture, but somehow we falter when it comes to reaching the goal. Jane Austen's writing is in a category all by itself. Vincent Van Gough's Starry Night cannot be duplicated. I feel that we have been put here to do something. If my DNA is unique, then so is my life.  And yet, we all procrastinate about moving upward, forward, or ahead. Why fight? It is easier to stay put. Have any of you felt this pull backwards when you want to move in a different direction, especially when it comes to the "artist" inside?