Aug 6, 2013

A Tale about a Lady and Three Little Girls

As I was making my way home from my walk last night, three little girls started talking to me. I wanted to try out my new camera lens by taking some pictures of a vine growing on the side of a house in my neighborhood . I stopped to take a picture of some flowers in front of their house.  A little girl with very short hair was playing outside in a well worn party dress and bare feet. 
 When she saw me she ran over to show me a blue glass stone that she found. Immediately, I noticed her torn dress and short hair.  I assumed that she was sick. My heart went out to her.
The three girls showed me the beautiful sea shells that they found. I talked to them a little bit and then asked to take their pictures. I took a couple of shots and then told them goodbye as I turned towards home. 
 The little girl with the torn dress ran after me shouting, "Lady, she said, here this is for you for taking our picture." I looked down and in her tiny hand was a crumpled dollar bill. Tears came to my eyes. "No sweety, keep your money, I just wanted to take your picture." I said, trying hard to compose myself. I don't know their story, but I was touched with the little girl's generosity.