Mar 20, 2013

Mark Edmonds: A Photographer, A Painter, An Artist

I have admired Mark Edmonds photography for a couple of years now. He lives in the same town in Tennessee where I was born.  Marks interest in art was piqued when he was a child as he  looked through religious literature and admired the paintings by the masters.  Art is all about light and its usage in the image he discovered as a young child. His father owned a square Kodak camera that only took black and white photographs.  His father took hundreds of pictures and Mark would spend hours looking at those pictures.
Black Velvet by Mark Edmonds
"My first real experience with photography came when I was 18. With my first real job, I bought an Olympus 35mm film camera. I had no idea how to use it, but I did have the determination to learn. There was no going online with photography sites or easy access to the experience of other photographers like today. I went to the library and drove 35 miles to Chattanooga bookstores for the information I wanted. I spent a lot of money on film and processing. I carefully kept exposure logs of the images and settings I used and before long I began to understand how the camera worked and how to compose the images I wanted to take. I moved on to doing double exposures and working with various filters after purchasing a Nikon FM2 and a couple of lenses."

Red Caboose by Mark Edmonds
When he married his wife, he joined the police department.  The instructor advised him to find a hobby. Mark bought a set of pencils and art paper. Then he started drawing pictures and eventually on to portraits.  As time went by and his eyesight not like it used to be, Mark turned to photography as his creative outlet for the second time.  

Winter Pass by Mark Edmonds
His motto: "Art is the manifestation of the imagination. It doesn't matter what tools you use to create it...imagination is the best technique you can carry in your artistic tool box. There isn't a magic button."
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