Aug 6, 2012

Will how I dress cause me to go to hell?

I just recently read an article about religious clothing.  Many little girls are forced to wear a veil in Morocco so that they will not be harassed. One little girl's mother said that she needs to get used to it while she is young, otherwise she will go to hell.

We have this same kind of thinking here in the states.  There are Amish people, penecostals, and Jews, while there are probably many more groups that I cannot think of at the moment. Each group believes that they are the "chosen ones". Aren't we all chosen?  I have been told that if I didn't wear a dress or skirt all of the time I, too, would go to hell.  Really? Oh no, you cannot wear makeup either. Why do women have to sacrifice so much in this life?

Do you think that God\Allah is so concerned about our outward appearance that we would be sentenced to a life of torment?  Maybe this is hell already.  We seem to go to extremes to try and please God.  What about our hearts?  What about living a pure life, where we try to be "good"? I just don't understand people.  We are supposed to be individuals.  Yet we live our lives according to what "they" are doing or live how "they" say we are to live.  Do you understand what I am talking about? We rely on religious leaders to guide us.  Yet we have the same connection to God\Allah as they do. 

What we wear really has nothing to do with the next life.  Many times it is a prideful thing.  You are saying, "look at me, I am religious, I have a connection with the Almighty".  What are your thoughts?