Aug 18, 2011

Turbines are not just in Morocco...

Turbines are popping up all over the place.  Sometimes while driving to work I would see the "wing" of one of these turbines heading east towards Ohio.  I couldn't imagine what they were used for as I looked at them going down the road.  Then a friend of mine at work told me she went to look at the turbines.  She told me that they were close to Van Wert, Ohio, which isn't very far from where we live.  So, I jumped in my car to go and have a look. 

While I was on this road, some guy told me that I could take pictures from the side of the road but not on his land.  Really?  What kind of damage am I going to do with a camera?  

  Turbines generate electricity with the use of the wind. I had written about turbines in Morocco and I am glad to see that the United States is making good use of them too.  Now, we need to invest more in solar power.