Aug 16, 2011

A new "vision" for life

I have been having a hard time trying to re-vision my life.  I had dreams and goals that I wanted to achieve.  Now that I am starting over, I had to take a long, deep, and hard look at what I really want. The purpose of the vision board for me is a reminder of what I want in life in a visual form.  The old pictures\dreams have been thrown in the garbage and new images\pictures have appeared.  I guess my dreams were there all of the time. I just wanted to share them with someone else. 

I cannot pretend that I am happy, because that would be misleading.  We all have our up times and down times.  I still cry about my life. The old me is there but underneath the sadness that I feel.  She is longing to come back out again to play, to love, to be loved, to do all of the things that she enjoyed doing before.  The time to healing seems to drag on. But that is the way God set it up for us. At least, for some of us. A year from now my story will be different, a much happier and contented one.