Aug 4, 2011

I am just a girl...

Last night, I finished reading a book called "The Story of my life: an Afghan girl on the other side of the sky" by Farah Ahmedi.  I was deeply impressed by the strength that this young woman posseses. Farah lost her leg when she walked across a field to take a short cut. Her father and her siblings lost their lives when a bomb hit their home.  Only Farah and her mother survived.  They put their lives in danger trying to find a way out of a country that was trying to keep them in.  She lived a life of extreme poverty, was handicapped, illiterate, and a female.  There were so many things against her, yet she persisted.

One paragrah spoke to me and I want to share it with you:  "And I still feel how important it is to pay attention to God, to recognize God, to believe in God, to live with a pure heart and let only purity and truth come pouring from one's soul.  That's the way to live.  Such is my belief." While looking at the night sky one evening, she had an "aha" moment with her creator.  This was when she knew that God was with her and guiding her steps. 

Her goal in life is to help those less fortunate than herself in her home country.  Education for women is still severely lacking in that part of the world.  Women are groomed to have children and take care of the home.  Nothing more is to be expected from a woman than this.  A lot of women can read just enough to get by.  Education is the key for a successful and more fulfilling life.  I am talking not about college, but basic education. Of course, college would be better. Can you imagine your life without being able to read or write?  Reading is my passion and I cannot imagine my world without words or being able to write down my thoughts. Yet this is a luxury for a lot of these women.