Jun 15, 2015

New Ride

I had one of those F(ix) OR D(itch) cars. They called it an Escort, but often I had to get around by other modes of transportation just to get to work or other places. When the odometer hit 50,000 that is when things basically went downhill.  I paid only $8000 for the car but ended up with over $4000 in repairs. Each year a part would go out and a couple of times I had to have repairs done twice in the same twelve month span. Would you believe that this car has its own credit card? And I am still paying for the repairs.

So, I thought long and hard about my dilemma.  I began looking around, but I knew what I wanted before I started my search.  The Mini Cooper caught my eye years ago.  Those cute little cars that weave in and out of traffic like a small fly flitting around seemed like the perfect car for someone like me. But those wonderful cars are not serviced in the city where I live.  There are over 250,000 people who live here and I see the Cooper all over town, but was told that Indianapolis has the closest certified repair shop. Okay, I thought.  There is another car that I have admired and was willing to settle for is the Fiat Bop. Settle sounds a bit compromising, what I mean it was equal. The Fiat is small, cute, and has great gas mileage. Saturday, I went for a test drive.  The salesman handed me the keys and said to drive it until I loved it. Well, that didn't take long. Today I have a new ride. I think that I will call her Sophia...