Jun 2, 2015

Dying with dreams still inside

The weather has been cold and rainy here in Indiana the past few days with perpetual grey skies.  My moods bounce up and down like a rubber ball when it is like this. It is a wonder I make it through the winter where the days are cloudy all of the time and still manage to have some sanity left at the end of the season. 

Today, the rays of the sun broke through the clouds and we were able to see the blue sky.  I had been eyeing a gate that someone decorated with flowers and wanted to try and capture it in a good light. But alas it was not meant to happen today. 

It was replaced with faces in a small narrow walkway from a parking lot to the street.  Very interesting faces to say the least. 

The artist is Phresh Laundry, whom I have never heard of but will inquire about when I am next at the Wunderkammer Company. This place is amazingly filled with artwork of local people. However, not all of the art is inside the building.

While I was trying to capture the gate, I met a man who had painted a mural on the front wall of the building and was there painting another wall on the inner courtyard. He had proudly drawn a Picasso like picture and was working on a face of Venus. As I took pictures he followed me around the building talking to me about art.  I was in seventh heaven as we talked about a subject that is very dear to me. 

When we parted, I walked up and down the narrow walkway between the buildings and was amazed by the faces. They were beautiful, boldly stating that they have their own story, with hopes and dreams without speaking a word. I don't know about you but I somehow want to make my mark here too.

And most of all, I don't want to exit this life with my dreams intact but have exhausted every possibility for living it to the fullest extent of my capabilities. I guess that is a tall order for someone who is approaching their golden years at an accelerated speed. Besides, flying pigs are possible!