Mar 8, 2015

Salomon Farm today

It wasn't until I began working at the hospital that I heard about Salomon Farm.  It is a couple of miles down the road with a walking trail.  With the promise of spring on the horizon, sunny skies and warm temperatures, I ventured out for a walk.  The farm was established in 1871, back when the north side of town was country land. Today, it is all built up with homes and businesses galore. 

During the summer there is a fresh market where vendors come weekly and sell their goods. Also, there is a walk with the MD (medical doctor) once a month.  A physician comes and gives a brief talk then the audience walks with the doctor around the farm promoting a healthy lifestyle. The natural fibers exhibit is there as well on a weekend in the summer too. From the road it is a lovely site.  

Spring is coming soon and then we will be free from the prison called home. We are on the cusp of being able to ramble through the greenery as if it were the first time we had ever seen such loveliness.