Feb 21, 2014

Winter Blahs and wishing the season would just go away

I don't know about you, but this winter has been very hard on us here in the Midwest.  We have had more snow this winter than the past ten years.  The whole city is talking about the weather and more than just talking, people are complaining.  Snow boots are now everyday wear instead of getting their occasional use and I really don't want to wear tan suede everyday. For two days, I wore normal shoes to work and felt ever so much like a rebel. Yesterday I wore a sweatshirt and was elated. Then today came and the wind is blowing as if a tornado was near by.  I stand in front of the window with my nose pressed against the windowpane longing to go out.  Longing to feel warm breezes on my skin. Longing to take pictures again. Longing for the sun to warm the now frigid earth. 

Yesterday, I made my way to the camera shop.  I have been investigating lenses, especially the 50mm Canon f/1.8.  I asked the guy at the counter a billion questions and then decided on the lens that I wanted all along.  Today, I took it out for a spin, so to speak.  I really like the results for such a simple piece of camera equipment. 

I went to the Botanical Gardens and also to the Cathedral across the street.  The pictures are more sharp than any I have taken so far.  

 I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this new lens.

Tomorrow, I have a photo shoot scheduled for some friends of mine.  I can hardly wait to get there.

Besides all of this, I didn't carry a flash or reflectors, just the camera.  Isn't that the way it is supposed to be? Just a girl and her camera.