Feb 20, 2014

Burris Film of Morocco

I subscribe to Burris Film on Youtube and whenever a new video comes out I am notified right away. The guy's name is Evan Burris Trout who is an American Cinematographer that is currently living in London.  He has been traveling all over Europe and Northern Africa since he arrived in the United Kingdom and I have watched nearly all of his videos.  I was looking up things about England on Youtube, (which is my favorite movie channel at the moment), and have been hooked ever since.  When he filmed the countryside of Morocco in the Atlas Mountains video it brought back a lot of memories for me.  I love the mint tea and still have it on a regular basis along with tagines, couscous, and a myriad of other wonderful Moroccan dishes. Morocco is only a three hour plane ride from London and many people come for a weekend. Doesn't that sound exciting?! I hope that you enjoy these videos.  I sure do. 

Evan is also on Facebook