Feb 13, 2014

My life is like a book

Today, I found this wonderful little book that was written in 1896. It is called A Man's Value to Society by Newell-Dwight-Hillis.There were 18 editions printed between 1896-1899, it appears to have been quite popular. I only paid a $1 for it and I am anxious to delve in-between its cover. I am a collector of old things, well, except old men. When I picked it up, it smelled old, but not musty, which turns me off. 

As I thumbed my way through the book this caught my eye:  "Primarily, books are to be read for information and mental strength. The hunger of the body for bread and fruit is not more real than the hunger of the intellect for facts and principles." 

Sometimes, I have an insatiable desire to read, almost voracious at times, as I consume volume after volume. My whole existence is surrounded by books. The house is full of them and nearly in every room, none in the bathroom (I have my limits). I have a running list of ones that I must read and work seems to get in my way of doing the things that I enjoy most, which is reading. But isn't that how life is? If I could only get paid for reading! But then I would probably end up hating the thing that I love most.

Each of us is a book without an epilogue,
an unfinished book 
whose Author reserves the right to write the ending,
since He wrote the beginning.

Anais Nin