Jan 22, 2013

Writing My Memoirs

Me, my brother, and sister
As if I am not busy enough, I decided to take a class writing my memoirs.  For the next six weeks, I am going to be a writing fool.  When I write things in my journal it is an easy task.  I have something in mind to write about and everything is over and done with in about 30 minutes. I have called my brother twice already for the first assignment. As you can see, trying to remember my childhood has proven to be difficult.  I only remember bits and pieces. If my brother or sister tells me their version of the story then it might jar my memory of the event.  Randall, Donna, and I like to talk about the past when we get together.  Both of our parents have been gone for a long time. When together, we laugh, we cry, and most of all remember. So, by sharing our side of a story helps to keep their memory alive in us.  You know, we should all write our story down so that those after us might get to know us better through our writing.  There has been many times that I referred back to my journal for details about something.  Don't think that your life is not worth writing about, because it really is.  You are a unique person.  Your DNA belongs to you alone.  So, therefore, your story is just as special.  Come on...write something down about yourself, because your life is worth remembering.