Jan 15, 2013

A generation without a signature

Cursive writing is being considered an obsolete form of writing since everything we do is via electronic device.  Our school system is seriously thinking about not teaching the children how to write in cursive.Our penmanship is one of the many things about us, as individuals, that is uniquely our own.  It is like our DNA or a fingerprint, only in the writing sense. As one who loves to journal, writing my thoughts down on paper has been of great help to me. Its about the flow of thought from ones mind through to the page. Printing every letter would be a monotonous task for those of us who love to write.

 I work at a hospital. If a doctor prescribes medicine or a procedure without a signature on the paper then it is not valid. This can apply to many areas of life in general that has to do with legal documents or personal writings.  So, think about it.  Do you want the next generation not to have a signature? I don't.