Jan 6, 2013

A Pot from Mexico

My friend was given an invitation to go to Mexico by her close neighbor.  She felt honored to be invited and was anxious to go. The neighbor's daughter was going to have her 16th birthday party there with all of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with this festive occasion. A promise of bringing back a Mexican pot or plate was given and off she went. 

She ate, she drank, she got sick...They aren't kidding when they say not to drink the water.  Actually, it was some of the food that made her sick.  But this didn't deter Margaret from sightseeing. She hiked and visited various shops and looked around until she found the right pot to bring back home. The pot she brought back for me was only 35 pesos (about $3).  Actually, she brought back two.  One broke and she gave me the one that wasn't broken.  I glanced at her kitchen table and the broken pot was lying there.  I offered to give it back or at least share it. What a sacrifice she made.  She called her Mexican friend and a bean pot is on its way to Margaret's house.  She didn't miss out after all. All I have to do is figure out how to cook in it.  The instructions are on their way back from Mexico.